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Work Smarter with Our Meeting Room Booking Systems

Book meetings and use conference rooms to their full potential with the range from Leading Solutions. 

As an authorised Heckler distributor and QBIC distributor, our meeting room booking systems are designed to improve efficiency and organisation within your workplace. From Zoom Room Consoles to iPad mounts, Smart Panels and more, we’ve got you covered. View room occupancy at a glance and see which rooms are free, along with all upcoming reservations. 

There’ll be no more double-up bookings for rooms or interruptions – just smart, organised solutions for your business. Browse our range of meeting room displays today.

Stay Organised with Corporate Room Booking Systems

Scheduling is everything when running a successful business. Installing a room booking system is a great way to streamline your operations, view upcoming room or desk reservation schedules, and generally stay more organised. 

Whether you’re hosting a meeting with clients or colleagues, our room booking systems help to ensure that everything is kept running smoothly, while also maintaining your professionalism and dedication to excellence.

When installed outside your conference room, our tablet mounts provide you with an innovative, modern room scheduler you can view at a glance. These displays will tell your employees or clients which rooms are occupied and when, with the ability to schedule in the next available meeting.

We also have stylish, modern meeting room tables which further cement your professional appearance. Take a look through our extensive range today to take your business to the next level.

Smart Meeting Room Equipment and Room Schedulers

Our smart meeting room equipment provides you with an all-in-one solution, thus creating the conference room of the future. 

These systems are handy for offices, conference centres, and even viewing restroom occupancy. You’ll know where staff are at all times, and won’t have to worry about unexpected attendees interrupting a meeting.

Our Smart Meeting Room kit includes everything you need to run one of these innovative spaces, including:

    • Occupancy Hub allows you to view room status, occupancy, and upcoming reservations at a glance. Users can also check in as they enter the room.
    • Infrared proximity sensors detect how many participants are in the room. These can be mounted on the ceiling, using motion detection to indicate when the room or space is occupied. 
    • LED indicator lamp indicates the status of a room from outside. They’ll display either green or red, indicating whether the room is occupied or not. 
    • Hybrid Hub controller
    • Seat sensors to detect how many participants are seated.

Browse our innovative range of smart meeting room equipment and transform the way you work today.

Discover Innovative Room Schedulers Today

Need further tips or advice on any of our products? Our team is always happy to offer their expert product knowledge and recommendations. Reach out to us today for more information.

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