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Spider Wrap 45mm Dia', Lanyard Length: 50cm - Dual Frequency 58 KHz, 8.2 MHz

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EAS RF/AM Self Alarming Security Box Wrap. The Spider Wrap protects merchandise of varying sizes. The self-adjusting mechanism keeps the lanyards from becoming twisted, and the alarm sounds if a lanyard is cut.  Also, the integrated EAS technology will initiate systems alarm at store entries and exits. The spider tag wraps around and protects goods that require open merchandising in their original packaging. Each lanyard wraps around the product and alarms when cut. Spider Wrap Tag can work with both - AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz. Suitable for small boxed merchandise such as shavers, toothbrushes, hard-drives.
Dual Frequency: 8.2MHz / 58KHz. Unit Dimension: 45mm Diameter. Lanyard Length: 50cm

Regular price $8.03
Regular price Sale price $8.03

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