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Micro PST RF EP Clear Tray (23mm x 25mm)

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Quantity: 2000 Labels per pack

The visible circuit acts as an effective deterrent, while the clear label ensures barcodes and other key product information are not obscured. This label is one of the most commonly used sizes in RF 8.2 MHz retail security stickers.

• Labels work with all 8.2Mhz RF EAS gates, detection systems and security label deactivators

• Clear Enhanced Label (Mini Square - 23 x 25 mm)

2000 tags/roll

RF Transparent Mini Square Label - 23x25mm- 2000 tags/roll
Regular price $161.70
Regular price Sale price $161.70

What We Offer

  • High Quality

    What's inside the tag matters! High quality ferrites and strong exterior casing features on all of our security tags.

  • Compatibility

    Complete assurance that the security tags will match the frequency of your existing gates. Talk to us for more information.