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MiTag Pencil with pin

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Frequency: 58KHZ

MiTag offers a new lock structure to provide better performance and minimize the risk of removing the tag by slamming the tag violently or rotating the pin.

• Built with high-quality plastic welds and top-end detection strength.

• Robust, secure and built to last

• Ensures any goods leaving your premises unwanted will be detected.

• MiTag requires an all-new unique magnetic detacher to release the Mitags, it also can de-tag existing security products, eliminating the need for multiple detachers in store. 


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What We Offer

  • High Quality

    What's inside the tag matters! High quality ferrites and strong exterior casing features on all of our security tags.

  • Compatibility

    Complete assurance that the security tags will match the frequency of your existing gates. Talk to us for more information.