Secure and charge mobile phones, tablets, watches, keyboards, pencils and cameras

Secure it all with the latest SB20 range

Designed to show off the display device not the security.

USB Power Delivery

For iPad Pro 11" and 12.9"
Fast-charging Shopguard alarming system perfectly fits to any environment
Secures a wide range of products: phones, laptops, tablets, apple watch and pencil

Shopguard Apple Display Security Range

Designed and built for Apple devices

Special design for Apple products

iPad Pro 

11"/12.9", Apple Pencil & Keyboard

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Apple Watch

Powered via Apple Watch OEM charger

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Alarming system keeps the device well secured and charged
Secures the product without disruption of display needs

Macbook Pro

OEM charger support 

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Apple Pencil Gen1

With Charger and Alarm

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Lockdown with unique technique, keeps the devices charged
Secures Apple TV and small devices


Security on apple tv

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Product Features

LED illuminated base unit
Tamper switch for enhanced security
Secured cable socket with interchangeable
charging leads and sensors
95dB sound level
Dual connectivity: two sensors or one charging cable plus one sensor

Integration and Flexibility

One base for all devices
Choose between Free Cord or Recoiler displays for iPhone/iPad, or mix them at will
Switch between flat or angled display at any time
Choose between in-built Watch charger direct from our factory or install your own Watch charger in store. Flexibility to fit your store
environment and conditions
Am arm/disarm key to suit either full store or display-in-store environments. Coded based on your preference, no charging required,
simple to use and cost-effective


Eco-Friendly Kits

The new boxes are recyclable, lightweight and biodegradable
New minimalist boxes guarantee less energy and water consumption
for the production
Kits contain less plastic packaging
A QR included accessing online manuals

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