Bouncepad Flip

Bouncepad Flip

Product SKU: BP-FLP102-EEW

The Bouncepad Flip sits elegantly on your counter top, the perfect solution for screen sharing and point of sale applications. The Flip’s robust build means it can happily stand alone without needing to be fixed in place, as well as being engineered to withstand vigorous day-to-day usage.

Designed to be seen

The weighted base and skilfully engineered hinge of this iPad POS stand lets you share the screen between sales person and customer with a smooth flipping motion.

Bouncepad Flip, black, the rear
Bouncepad Flip, black, front view

Free Standing or Tethered

If that extra security is something you’re looking for, the Flip can be tethered with one of our reinforced cables. Great for portability, simply tether to a fixed point for use in a versatile range of environments.

Smart Power Options

Looks aren't everything, but they are important. Run your cables through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep your tablet kiosk continuously powered and looking tidy.

The cables can be hidden inside Bouncepad Flip

Match Your Application

Bouncepads can be mounted any way you want. Whether it'd be Desk, Wall or Free standing we make it adaptable to your application.

Bouncepad Flip components
Bouncepad Flip Tablet Set Up Kit

Mounting Option

Bouncepad Flip free standing option
Bouncepad Flip Mounting Option


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