Bouncepad Desk

Bouncepad Desk

Product SKU: BP-DSK102-EEW

The Bouncepad Desk tablet and iPad kiosk is designed to lie low on your surface, giving your tablet a seamless finish whilst displaying content at an angle that provides easy interaction for users. Empower your employees with user-friendly tablets that streamline sales, improve the process of POS and provide employees with information to strengthen their customer service – all whilst seamlessly blending into your environment.

Designed to be seen

Entice your users to interact with your digital content using the Bouncepad Deskm set at the perfect angle for interaction when fixed to your surface.

Bouncepad Desk, white, front view
Bouncepad Desk easy to set up

Easy Installation

No need to outsource a handman for construction. Simply Follow our step-by-step instructions for a fuss free installation.

Smart Power Options

Looks aren't everything, but they are important. Run your cables through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep your tablet kiosk continuously powered and looking tidy.

All the cables are hidden in Bouncepad Desk

Match Your Application

Bouncepads can be mounted any way you want. Whether it'd be Desk, Wall or Free standing we make it adaptable to your application.

Bouncepad desk components
Bouncepad Desk Tablet set up kit

Mounting Option

Bouncepad Desk Mounting options