Bouncepad Lounge

Bouncepad Lounge

Product SKU: BP-LNG102-EEW

Pick it up, sit it on your lap, pass it to a friend. The Bouncepad Lounge is designed for relaxed interaction and free movement. Includes 2m reinforced charging cable which is enclosed in a flexible nylon mesh for added security.

Plug 'n' Go

The reinforced 2m charging cable makes sure your tablets are secured, tethered and always charging. The cable is enclosed in a flexible nylon mesh and secures inside the Bouncepad case. This can be tethered to a bracket and locked into place near the power source.

Bouncepad Lounge, side view, black
Bouncepad Lounge, rear view, black

Created for Comfort

Designed for relaxed spaces such as waiting rooms and galleries, the Lounge was a created with comfort in mind. Easy to move, share and pass-around, this ergonomic iPad case is an asset to any space urging for engagement.

Unleash your Camera

The flexibility of the Bouncepad Lounge makes it perfect for use with the rear camera exposure extra, meaning users can scan QR codes, tickets and documents, or take and share photos at your events.

Bouncepad Lounge, white, rear view

Match Your Application

Bouncepads can be mounted any way you want. Whether it'd be Desk, Wall or Free standing we make it adaptable to your application.

Bouncepad Lounge components
Bouncepad Lounge Table Set Up Kit

Mounting Option

Bouncepad Lounge Mounting Option


The camera is an additional option for Bouncepad Lounge

Bouncepad Rear Facing Camera

The audio port is an additional option for Bouncepad Lounge

Bouncepad Audio Port